Alex Fradkin Gives Voice to Space

How we define a space is how we define ourselves. Without design we’d live outside under the stars and in full view of the sun. Instead we create spaces around us from the ground up and they reflect who we are and where we want to be. Photographer Alex Fradkin documents these spaces, turning it into an art form, showing off the secrets of who we are through the way we display our spaces. They change our landscapes and reveal our hopes, and Alex is capturing that with a camera.

Alex gained his understanding of space as an architect working out of a cubicle on the 40th floor of an office building in Seattle. Creating spaces gave him the vision to see them for what they are. But photography is more than seeing, it’s about presenting. Using the frames of a photograph to tell a story is so much of what’s inside the image, but just as important is what’s missing. “I think there is a hunger for emotional honesty and for imagery that cuts through an ocean of artifice and market driven aesthetic,” Alex tells Life Framer. “I try and stay true to that as much as possible.” Most spaces that Alex photographs are made by human beings, and those human beings shape what they create out of aspiration.

Find Alex Fradkin’s portfolio on Gallery Stock to better understand how he sees spaces and helps them communicate their messages.​