Henrik Sorensen Brings Form to Your Dreams

Photography is supposed to be the truth. It’s supposed to show frozen moments stolen from life so we can regard them later, or communicate information that cannot be described. It’s supposed to show us our world as it is. But what if it did something totally different? What if photography showed us something that doesn’t exist? A reality separate from our own. Something ripped out of our imaginations or subconscious, revealing to us something about our own nature even if it’s not “real.” That’s what Henrik Sorensen does in his conceptual photography. And it’s a ride.

Henrik uses a range of techniques, from smoke bombs, to exploding powder, strangely placed flora, and painting with light, to reframe and reshape traditional experience and show us something that we never knew. He takes a form that’s all about showing us a reflection of the world and turns it into a tool to show us a reflection of ourselves. He plays on expectations and augments forms to bring everything together into a singular experience that’s beyond what would exist in a single photograph of a moment. He takes the messy and strange energy of human interaction, bringing form and shape to it so we can see an emotion, reach out and touch a thought.

This is the potential for any art form and Henrik Sorensen is taking full advantage.​ View more of Henrik’s work on Gallery Stock.