Matt Schwartz Gets Dreamy By Blending Process and Aesthetic

Every photographer comes to the craft for their own reasons. Whether it’s to capture moments, work in fashion, or travel, there are as many reasons to be a photographer as there are photographers. But Matt Schwartz came to the form because he couldn’t live life in any other way. It’s not about expression for him; it’s how he faces the world. “It is not enough for me to see something beautiful and just look at it without a camera,” he tells BUREAU Magazine. “Everything is more vivid and alive through the lens.” Matt uses Polaroids, a blend of negative and print, often used to test framing and exposure on larger format photographs before jumping into the shoot writ large. But Matt uses them as a final form and the reason has something to do with his point of view.

Matt is heavily influences by surf culture, finding himself arrested by waves, sand, the way light plays on leaves, and the female form. Working with Polaroid infuses a unique aesthetic that adds a dreamy quality with roughed out colors and melding the saturations. That aesthetic plays off the subjects of Matt’s photographs, whether they are human or landscape, and multiplies off each other to create moods and emotions that bring us to these places. It’s one thing to show us a sandy beach, but Matt gives us the memory as if it were our own. By blending his point of view with a unique process Matt arrives as something totally new and we get to go along with him.

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