Daeja Fallas Is Shooting a Dream

To regard photographer Daeja Fallas’ images are to see a study in bright energy. She fuses the worlds of sport and beauty, tying them together into a single discipline and finding the art in ever moment. This is no mistake. Her photography career started when she moved from Hawaii to Paris to study at the Sorbonne, opening the world to her and planting a love for expression in her heart. Years later she followed opportunities to main land America and the other side of the continent from her home, landing in NYC in 2010 where she still lives. Now, she heads out to The Rockaways from her Brooklyn home, catching the waves there like she did in Hawaii. How does she feel leaving behind the pristine beauty of Hawaii and the sophistication of France? “New York is kind of a balance between Maui and Paris,” she explains.

Her childhood courtesy of Hawaii has informed her whole life. The community that she grew accustomed to on the beach has been replaced by a community of photographers in New York City. Her passion for surfing brought her jobs photographing the sport, but her style injects a dreamy quality that has become her signature. In fact, she says she’s been told on more than one occasion that her looks are too dreamy for a lot of art buyers. But she likes it just fine – and so do we.

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