Tom Corbett Chases Elegance Through Rome

St Regis Hotels’ magazine ‘Beyond’ recently asked Tom Corbett to join them in Rome to show off their pitch-perfect blend of classic elegance and a modern spirit. “It was just a great opportunity to do another one of those high fashion luxury stories that I love doing so much,” Tom says. Getting high value images usually requires high value production, but Tom has found that his clients are looking for a simpler look. And that’s something Tom is really excited about. “They wanted to shoot all daylight, to have a real natural look to it, which we’re finding more and more,” Tom says. “I love shooting daylight. I love the freedom that it gives me.” Because of how they set it up, Tom could move around freely, collaborating with the models, and offering flexibility and improvisation.

Working this way wasn’t even possible just a few years ago, but because of technological advances, Tom is able to capture his vision. Older cameras wouldn’t be able to pick up the light Tom needs but what he’s working with now makes it possible. “Shooting at night with no lights was really interesting,” Tom says. “One of the shots we actually went out while it was nighttime and used the available light. I hadn’t done that in a long time.. This uncomplicated, natural light seems to be the trend so I’m excited about that.” Elegance doesn’t have to be complicated, and elegance is something Tom will follow no matter where in the world it takes him.

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