Seeing a Faster World with Neal Grundy

The click you hear when a camera takes a picture is the shutter opening. For that brief moment, the camera opens to the light and exposes the sensors or film to light. It’s where the word “exposure” comes from: the sensitive material is literally exposed to light, catching a glimpse at what we’ve directed for it to see, and that image is burned on the sensor, translated into an image. For every photographer, balancing the exposure with all the elements of composition is a crucial part, but for Neal Grundy it’s all about the exposure, it’s all about the speed the shutter is open. Neal’s lightning fast photography, classified as “high speed,” brings a totally different element to photography that isn’t touched in most other genres

High-speed photography takes the notion of freezing a moment in time to the extreme. With the almost unfathomable fractions of a second that Neal uses in his work he’s able to isolate explosions of color and liquid showing us a part of our world that our brains are too slow to comprehend in real time. There’s so much beauty that we miss just at the hands of our busy, distracted lives, but he proves there’s even more that we’re biologically unable to see. Thanks to advances in photographic technology and the creativity and focus of artists like Neal, we can see and understand these moments better, even if they’re hidden from us every day.​

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