Henrik Sorensen Taps Into the Deep

What’s more refreshing in summer than a dip in the water? Jumping in triggers fetal memories, instantly relaxing and energizing swimmers. But even though humans are largely water ourselves, much of our technology has yet to master the waves the same way we have. Being under water is therefore largely a personal experience. Unlike our lives on land that can be shared ad nauseam and are filled with the detritus of living, in the water we’re untethered and free of the business of life. It’s that lack of existential gravity that Henrik Sorensen taps into in his underwater photography, fusing the freedom below the surface with fashion and an innovative kind of portrait.

Each of the Danish photographer / filmmaker’s images is more surprising than the last, playing off the weightlessness provided by water to create some interesting contrast. Most frequently Henrik works in unexpected settings, like an underwater ballroom replete with armchairs and chandeliers.

Henrik’s underwater photography is just a part of his conceptual work, exploring colors and shapes, the confluence of technique and passion, all to bring the viewer somewhere totally new. No matter what he photographs, Henrik’ rejects expectations, bringing emotion to a clear place, and you’re invited to come along.​

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