Marc Ohrem-Leclef Brings Voice to Rio’s Marginalized

It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that the preparations for the 2016 Rio Olympics are a mess. Just yesterday it was announced that the city would receive a bailout of almost one billion dollars from the federal government of Brazil because their budget has been so mishandled. In the years leading up to this summer’s games, thousands of Brazilians have had their homes stolen from them while communities are effectively bulldozed to make a more aesthetically pleasing and convenient home for the games, and their voices have been largely silenced. Until now. Photographer and documentarian Marc Ohrem-Leclef has given them a platform in his series and film ‘Olympic Favela’ that tells as much of their stories as he can.

The Olympics are usually the best opportunity to show the world a country’s culture. The host country has all eyes on them and it’s when we’re introduced to their ways of life and their culture. There are no other events in the world like The Olympics and it is a real blessing to help create a global community. There’s an irony in Rio’s difficulty and displacement of its people. In Marc’s film we get to meet families who are forced to surrender their homes and trades in service of the creation of an idyllic Olympic Park. The true culture of Rio is being sterilized and laminated to make a better global impression and Marc won’t let the voices be silenced. Now we must hear them speak.

‘Olympic Favela’ will screen as a part of the Nantucket Film Festival on June 25th, at 2:45pm. The screening will be at The Starlight Theatre on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts.​ View more of Marc's work on Gallery Stock.