Miles Ladin Sun Stroke Exhibit

Usually true faces are exposed in the dark. When the lights go down and the music turns up, we let loose and indulge basest impulses. The hidden becomes permissible and nothing is on the record. But there’s something transformative about the light of the sun.

Whether it’s a Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale, a romp in Tijuana, or poolside in Los Angeles, the bright exposes hidden layers that otherwise have no release.

Miles Ladin’s most recent exhibition, Sun Stroke, explores the strange behavior behind the solar phenomenon. Miles’ photos show that this behavior is cross-cultural. From the Ascension Party on Fire Island, to the SummerTramp Party in downtown LA, everyone catches the fever of the sun and it ekes out a wildness that only the heat can contain.

Miles is best known for his work with celebrities, documenting them in public environments showing impossible private moments. His images are captured between the press shots, grabbing recognizable people in recognizable circumstances with unrecognizable results. The photos are marked by dark severe shadows created when press flashes are coming from a different angle. We see more than the glossy presentation these stars have worked to fabricate, we see the angles they’re tying to hide. We see their private selves that get to hide behind their public personas.

Miles brings that work into Sun Stroke, doing the same with people who aren’t famous, while still offering the same exposure. Perhaps, in an inverted way, we see how it is these people truly want to be seen. An extreme presentation of a wished for self. The kind you’d parade to the pool.

Sun Stroke will be showing at Station Independent Projects, June 19th through July 13th, 2014, with an opening reception June 19, 6-9pm